module tool with 2.6.9 issue

From: yiding_wang
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 16:30:36 EST

I am using moudle-init-tools-3.1-pre6 with kernel 2.6.9. The new insmod seems have restrictions which failed using parameters to load a driver module.

My module parameter is in the form of modname="*************** ****", a quite long one.
Run - insmod modname.o modname="*********** *******" (with a script), it complains about the space and treats the string next to the space to be a "Unknown parameter".

By replacing the space with any character, then it complains
"modname: string parameter too long"

Reducing the length of the parameter to less than 1k character works fine.

Same long parameter string wit space in between works fine under 2.4.25 with original insmod.

1, Is this a bug or new insmod has restrictions?
2, If it is restriction on special character such as space, or limitation on parameter length, then why and what is the limit?
3, If insmod has limitation, then what is better way to pass long parameter with some special character?


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