Re: [PATCH] MII bus API for PHY devices

From: Francois Romieu
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 16:34:44 EST

Jason McMullan <jason.mcmullan@xxxxxxxxxxx> :
> First patch for consolidation of PHY handling into one location.

A little pass of polish could make it more cool imho:
- macro abuse;
- unchecked malloc;
- use plain old style multi-lines C comments (/* ...\n * ... \n * ... \n */) ?
- whitespace/tabulation damage (search for series of 2 or more spaces);
- hidden return: please put them on a separate line;
- no need to BUG_ON when there is an immediate dereference;
- mixed case variables/names (pLEAse DO not dO tHAT);
- unneeded checks ? How could VALID_BUS() in mii_bus_write() fail ?
- use goto when locking primitives are used (btw the last check in
mii_bus_register is not needed and you can s/mii_bus[bus_id]/bus/
a few times in this function) ?
- add a break in mii_bus_unregister() ?
- I'd probably favor ternary operators here and there (your choice, really)
- u32 and uint16_t in the same file: choose one style ?

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