FB: vesafb garbled after using X11 with nv driver

From: Ralf Hildebrandt
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 17:13:37 EST

I use the nv driver in XFree and the vesafb for the framebuffer console.
vesafb works fine, I get the bootlogo and all during boot.

Once X11 starts up and I want to switch back to the framebuffer
console using CTRL-ALT-F1, the framebuffer is garbled. The screen is
flickering, as if the vertical synchronisation is lost. Colors seem to
be OK, I get grey garbage on black background.

Switching back to X11 using ALT-F7 works OK, the X11 screen looks fine.

I made two screenshots to illuminate what I'm seeing:
(watch out, high resolution)

It's not entirely clear if it's an issue of the nv driver or the vesafb
in the kernel.

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