Re: [PATCH] fix platform_rename_gsi related ia32 build breakage

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 22:10:14 EST

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Len Brown wrote:
> I agree 100%, and submit that the term "IRQ" fits this definition of a
> "stupid acronym".

There's a huge difference between an acronyn that is well-established, and
one that is _totally_ made up, has no history, and is only used on one

"irq" is a very traditional shorthand for "interrupt request", and anybody
who has _ever_ worked with any OS on _any_ platform knows _exactly_ what
it is.

In contrast, gsi has _zero_ meaning outside some small ACPI group.

Trust me. Do a poll.

The same way we don't call disks DASD devices do we not call interrupts

And that "we" is not a "royal we". It's a f*cking established _fact_.
Type "irq" into google, and what's the first hit? In fact, EVERY SINGLE
hit on the first page is relevant.

In contrast, type "gsi" into google, and NOT A SINGLE ONE has _anything_
to do with interrupts. Not the first one, not the tenth one.

So stop being idiotic.

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