Re: [PATCH] remove if !PARTITION_ADVANCED condition in defaults

From: Geert Uytterhoeven
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 06:52:21 EST

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Kyle Moffett wrote:
> On Nov 11, 2004, at 18:11, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > That's really what EMBEDDED means: ask about things that no sane person
> > would leave out. So how about just changing that "if PARTITION_ADVANCED"
> > into "if EMBEDDED" on MSDOS?
> If you make this specific to x86, that _may_ be OK, but I suspect others who
> only have only BSD partitioning schemes may object.

Please do at least that! If a (non-ia32) machine doesn't have USB or FireWire,
it usually doesn't need MS-DOS partitioning. This patch makes it impossible for
people to leave out some stuff (BTW not limited to MS-DOS partitioning) they
don't want. I guess Matt will be happy to add the inverse patch to -tiny...

Andries wrote:
> Many people are being bitten by the fact that if they select
> CONFIG_PARTITION_ADVANCED in order to get some additional support,
> they suddenly lose support for the MSDOS_PARTITION type.

Are you sure Kconfig won't keep the old setting of MSDOS_PARTITION?
Ah IC, this is for people who start from a brand new empty config, willing to
solve the Kernel Quest with the 100000 Kconfig questions(TM) :-)

This looks like yet another fix for yet another PEBKAC problem... Will (or
perhaps this has been done already as well) we hardcode IDE to yes (on ia32)?



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