Re: [BKPATCH] ACPI for 2.6

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 12:46:49 EST


> <len.brown@xxxxxxxxx> (04/11/05 1.1803.163.1)
> [ACPI] Allow limiting idle C-States.
> Useful to workaround C3 ipw2100 packet loss,
> reducing noise or boot issues on some models.
> For static processor driver, boot cmdline:
> processor.acpi_cstate_limit=2

You certainly win "ugliest parameter of the month" contest :-).

What about processor.max_cstate= or something?

> <len.brown@xxxxxxxxx> (04/10/18 1.1803.119.24)
> [ACPI] add module parameters: processor.c2=[0,1] processor.c3=[0,1]
> to disable/enable C2 or C3
> blacklist entries for R40e and Medion 41700

So we have two independend ways to disable C states?
64 bytes from icmp_seq=28 ttl=51 time=448769.1 ms

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