Re: ZyXEL GN650-T

From: sebastian . ionita
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 13:03:54 EST

Francois Romieu writes:

sebastian.ionita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <sebastian.ionita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> :
Later i will restart the server with the new kernel and i will tell you if something gets bad or if it will work ... :)

If it does not work as expected, please describe the minimal level of
operation which is ok (i.e. networking without vlan for instance).

The range of possible errors should be rather limited: mostly gross
typos or endianness issues when mucking with vlan related registers
(I am not too sure about the layout of the VID for Rx/Tx).
Without vlan's it works but with vlan the behavier is just like with the old drivers. Shoud I give some param's to the module if want to have vlans ?


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