RE: [PATCH] handle quoted module parameters

From: Adam Heath
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 14:43:30 EST

On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, wrote:

> Hello Randy,
> Thanks for your two responses!
> Based on your patch, the format of argument will be changed from standard format before:
> Used to be:
> modprm1=first,ext modprm2=second,ext modprm3="third1,ext third2,ext"
> where the quotation in modprm3 represents the whole string, including space, to be the value of third parameter modprm3.
> Now the patch changes modprm3 to "modprm3=third1,ext third2,ext" which equivalent to putting quotation mark on normal parameter define "modprm1=first,ext". Do you think linux community will take that change?
> Another question is the parameter length is not limited in 2.4.x kernel. Why this is restricted under 2.6.x. (param_set_charp())?

Er, no, that's a wrong assumption.

Quoting like this is handled by the shell. It tells it how to parse the
single cmdline string, into separate parts.

There is *no* difference between:

foo="111 222 333"\ 444' 555'


foo='111 222 333 444 555'


foo="111 222 333 444 555'

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