Linux 2.4.28-rc3

From: Marcelo Tosatti
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 16:53:33 EST


Here goes the third release candidate.

It contains a v2.6 backport of the binfmt_elf potential vulnerabilities
disclosed this week, an enhanced smbfs client overflow fix, an ACPI update
fixing a couple of nasty bugs, a NFS client bugfix and a network update
from Davem.

Summary of changes from v2.4.28-rc2 to v2.4.28-rc3

Aaron Grothe:
o [CRYPTO]: Add Anubis support

Chris Wright:
o binfmt_elf: handle partial reads gracefully

David S. Miller:
o [TG3]: Use ioremap_nocache()
o [TG3]: Bump driver version and reldate
o Cset exclude: davem@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|ChangeSet|20040831000448|00808
o Cset exclude: pablo@xxxxxxxxxxx|ChangeSet|20040831000223|00117
o [ATM]: Put back mistakedly removed LEC procfs code

Herbert Xu:
o [NET]: Fix tbl->entries race

Len Brown:
o [ACPI] fix ASUS boot crash
o [ACPI] fix poweroff regression backport from 2.6 and ACPICA 20040427

Marcelo Tosatti:
o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -rc3

Mike Miller:
o cleans up warnings in 32/64-bit conversions

Mike Waychison:
o [TG3]: Fix fiber hw autoneg bounces

Patrick McHardy:
o [PKT_SCHED]: Don't try to destroy builtin qdiscs

Stefan Esser:
o Improved smbfs client overflow fix

Thomas Graf:
o [NET]: Fix neighbour/arp build
o [PKT_SCHED]: break is not enough to stop walking

Trond Myklebust:
o NFS: Always wake up tasks that are waiting on the sillyrenamed file to complete

Wensong Zhang:
o [IPVS]: Update version to 1.2.1

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