RE: [PATCH] pci-mmconfig fix for 2.6.9

From: Michael Chan
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 16:57:50 EST

On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, 13:55:09 -0700, Grant Grundler wrote:

> Yes. I found it on page 5 of PciEx_ECN_MMCONFIG_040217.pdf.
> AFAICT, this section only applies to "systems that implement
> a processor-architecture-specific firmware interface
> standard". e.g. ia64 SAL calls.

Hi Grant,

I disagree with your interpretations of the ECN. Here's my

1. PC-compatible systems or systems that do not implement a
processor-architecture-specific firmware interface must implement
mmconfig as specified in the ECN.

2. mmconfig implementation must provide a method for software to
guarantee that the config access has completed before software execution
continues. In Implementation Note, it provides some examples on how to
do this. One example is to make mmconfig non-posted. But there are other

In short, I believe mmconfig is allowed to be posted or non-posted. If
it is posted, there must be a method to allow software to flush it.


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