New HDD (was RE: PROMISE Ultra133 TX2 (PDC20269))

From: Enrico Bartky
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 19:55:38 EST

Now I have attached a 80 GB UDMA5 Disk. The hdparm putput says the right UDMA Mode (5). But the hdparm test, I run it 3 times, says 27 MByte/s!? Is that normal, or is my motherboard ( Gigabyte GA-5AA ) to old ( PCI Bus = 33 MHz ). In the manuel from promise there is it described that 33 MHz have bandwith of 133 MByte/s and with 66 MHz 266 MByte/s.

Can you help me, how can I get more transfer rates?

Thanx, EnricoB
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