Re: [PATCH] Documentation: Update to Documentation/kernel-docs.txt

From: Jim Nelson
Date: Sat Nov 13 2004 - 12:02:22 EST

Gene Heskett wrote:
On Saturday 13 November 2004 08:34, Jim Nelson wrote:

james4765@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Major cleanup and update to Documentation/kernel-docs.txt. New
file generated by 'lynx -dump'
after update by page maintainer.

Okay, this got bounced off of osdl's spam filter - Andrew, (and
anyone else who is interested) how would you like me to send it?

Odd, the lkml list got it, if it was 66.7kb in length anyway.

I got a "spam URI" reject from OSDL's mail server from CC'ing Andrew - I don't know if anyone else's servers are that paranoid, though.

I have a feeling that if the spamfilter rejected it from being sent directly, it might have a problem with the mail from the mailing list, too.

Dunno, though. And yes, it was a big patch. There were some formatting issues - the lynx dump was the original author's idea (just created a huge diff).
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