SATA II 150 TX4 module

From: Christophe Bienaime
Date: Sat Nov 13 2004 - 18:22:29 EST

I have bought a controller card Promise SATA II 150 TX4 (PDC 20265)
It doesn't seem supported by the module SCSI_SATA_PROMISE on a kernel 2.6.9. (Because version 2)

the result of lspci :
Unknown mass storage controller: Promise Technology, Inc.: Unknown device 3d18 (rev 02)

I came back to a kernel 2.4.27 because the promise's module can't be compiled on a 2.6.9.

The problem is , I can't boot my system on the with this solution

Is a module envisaged for this card? (or maybe another solution)

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