Re: pcf8591 range list syntax

From: Randy.Dunlap
Date: Sat Nov 13 2004 - 23:25:32 EST

Karel Kulhavy wrote:

modinfo pcf8591 in says:
"parm: probe_range:List of adapter,start-addr,end-addr triples to
scan additionally "

when I call modprobe pcf8591 probe_range=..., what is the syntax of the list?
Are the addresses in decimal (0,255) or hexa (0,ff) or variable base

When I want to specify 2 triples say 0,0,8 and 1,4,6 , is it
probe_range=0,0,8,1,4,6 or probe_range={0,0,8},{1,4,6} or something like
this or something completely different?

Wow. Good questions. Those I2C module param. macros are fugly.

It's just a comma-separated list.
Don't put braces or parens or anything around the "triples".
(that's 6 entries in the 'probe_range' list, not 2)

Parameter conversion is done by calling simple_strtoul (in this case),
since the parameter type is ushort. The specified number base
is 0, which means base 10, unless some other base is specified,
with 0x or 0X meaning hex, or a leading 0 without an [xX]
following it means octal.


PS: This is just from scanning the source code. I don't
know the I2C code.
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