[PATCH] remove bogus double softirq processing in cris

From: Christoph Hellwig
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004 - 05:44:26 EST

I sent this out long ago already, but it's still not in:

These days irq_exit does all softirq processing, so there's no need to
call do_softirq again in cris.

Also is there any chance you could switch cris to use the new
CONFIG_GENERIC_HARDIRQS code in 2.6.10-rc that would replace most of
arch/cris/kernel/irq.c with generic code from kernel/irq/* ?

--- 1.17/arch/cris/kernel/irq.c 2004-10-20 10:37:14 +02:00
+++ edited/arch/cris/kernel/irq.c 2004-11-14 11:39:14 +01:00
@@ -158,11 +158,6 @@ asmlinkage void do_IRQ(int irq, struct p
- if (softirq_pending(cpu))
- do_softirq();
- /* unmasking and bottom half handling is done magically for us. */

/* this function links in a handler into the chain of handlers for the
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