[PATCH] x86_64: assign_irq_vector should not be marked __init

From: Alexander Nyberg
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004 - 08:28:59 EST

Hej Linus

This box crashed at startup today and I noticed that some modules will
need to have assign_irq_vector() available although it is marked as __init.
Looks like it was done for i386 in but not x86_64...

Signed off by: Alexander Nyberg <alexn@xxxxxxxxx>

===== arch/x86_64/kernel/io_apic.c 1.38 vs edited =====
--- 1.38/arch/x86_64/kernel/io_apic.c 2004-10-28 09:39:50 +02:00
+++ edited/arch/x86_64/kernel/io_apic.c 2004-11-14 14:03:50 +01:00
@@ -654,11 +654,7 @@
/* irq_vectors is indexed by the sum of all RTEs in all I/O APICs. */
u8 irq_vector[NR_IRQ_VECTORS] = { FIRST_DEVICE_VECTOR , 0 };

int assign_irq_vector(int irq)
-int __init assign_irq_vector(int irq)
static int current_vector = FIRST_DEVICE_VECTOR, offset = 0;

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