Re: 2.6.10-rc1-mm5

From: Stas Sergeev
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004 - 08:49:28 EST


Dave Airlie wrote:
[drm:radeon_cp_init] *ERROR* radeon_cp_init called without lock held
[drm:drm_unlock] *ERROR* Process 3124 using kernel context 0
You are building AGP as a module with DRM as a built-in ,the DRM
Yes. Building everything as module fixes
the problem. Thanks.
One of those rare cases where you take the
.config from the functional kernel of another
version, and it produces the non-functional one.

cannot use the AGP if it is not built in also, I think the latest DRM
bk tree should enforce this I'm not sure if -mm5 has the patches in
it or not...
I bet it doesnt.

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