Re: [PATCH][2.6.10-rc1-mm4][3/4] perfctr x86 driver updates

From: Mikael Pettersson
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 04:23:59 EST

Rusty Russell writes:
> On Thu, 2004-11-11 at 10:37 +0100, Mikael Pettersson wrote:
> > Part 3/4 of the perfctr interrupt fixes:
> ...
> > } control;
> > + unsigned int interrupts_masked;
> > +#endif
> > } ____cacheline_aligned;
> > static DEFINE_PER_CPU(struct per_cpu_cache, per_cpu_cache);
> While you're here, does this really have to be cacheline aligned? I
> wouldn't think so, since it's in the per-cpu section anyway.

The ____cacheline_aligned is a left-over from the [NR_CPUS] days;
it's probably not needed any more. I'll submit a patch to delete
it and also move the interrupts_masked field nearer the head of the
struct (to reduce # of cache lines touched in the common case).

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