Re: [PATCH] 2.6.10-rc1-mm5: fixes more warnings wrt kunmap_atomic API changes

From: Mathieu Segaud
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 09:49:17 EST

Mathieu Segaud <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> disait dernièrement que :

> Hi Andrew,
> (sorry for resending, forgot to CC: linux-kernel@)
> This fixes more compile warnings, wrt last changes in k[un]map* prototypes.
> I did _not_ fold the compile fix you provided later when CONFIG_HIGHMEM=y,
> in include/asm-i386/highmem.h.

hum sorry, the compile fix in include/asm-i386/highmem.h is included...

> This patch:
> - adds (char *) casts in pte_* macros in include/asm-i386/pgtable.h
> - casts swp_entry_t object entry to (char *) in mm/shmem.c.

"scanf is tough" --- programmer Barbie...

- Alexander Viro on linux-kernel

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