Linux 2.6.9-ac9

From: Alan Cox
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 16:15:10 EST

Shrink the patch down by adopting 2.6.10-rc versions of the VM_IO fixes.
Add various further small fixes from 2.6.10-rc upstream. Not that while
has more fixes most of them are far more minor than the earlier ones.

The it8212 still doesn't default to DMA on - that is on the TODO list.
HPT366 rework project is also not ready (its gone back to the drawing
board for a few days if you are a volunteer and wondered what is up).

o Linus moved the remap_page_range flag fixes (Linus Torvalds)
into the function. Now this has had some
testing do the same in -ac and shrink the
diff a lot
o Fix low memory oops in device mapper (N Cunningham)
o Fix duplicate kfree in dm-target error path (Alasdair Kergon)
o Use a new bio on a md retry (Neil Brown)
o Fix mediabay compile (Alan Cox)
o Increase EDD array size (Matt Domsch)
o Fix locking error/DoS in k15kusb105 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Fix locking hang on error path of whiteheat (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Use sector_t for md (fixes some large raids) (Neil Brown)
o Fix further USB locking errors (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Report the right thing on a pnpbios fault (Andy Whitcroft)
o Add PCI quirk for VIA audio (David Shaohua Li)
o Fix neighbour table counter atomicity (Herbert Xu)
o Error out on early exec before rootfs (Chris Wright)
o Fix a.out crash with junk binary and (Chris Wright)
virtual memory limits disabled
o Import atomic_int_return for the neighbour fix (KaiKai Kohei)

o Fix binfmt_exec partial read problem (Chris Wright)
o Fix E820 overflow on x86-64 as per x86-32 (Andi Kleen)

o Redo the fixups in siimage/it8212 so they (Alan Cox)
always actually work
o Fix up both drives on an IT8212 raid (Alan Cox)
o Remove a debug printk/2 sec wait from CS5520 (Alan Cox)
o Move partial decode test to ide-cs/delkin only (Alan Cox)
o Fix partial decode test for no serial number (Alan Cox)
o Add support for disks on early rev IT821x (Alan Cox)
o Allow ide-disk to be modular again (Tomas Szepe)
o Further fixup fixes (Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz)
o Apple Ipod-mini size reporting fix (Avi Kivity)
o Initial (non SMP) cdu31a driver rescue (Ondrej Zary)
o Allow READ_BUFFER_CAPACITY to SG_IO users (Daniel Drake)

o Fix problem with -ac5 msdos changes (Vojtech Pavlik)

o Fix oops in and enable IT8212 driver (Alan Cox)
o Minor delkin driver fix (Mark Lord)
o Fix NFS mount hangs with long FQDN (Jan Kasprzak)
| I've used this version as its clearly correct for 2.6.9
| although it might not be the right future solution
o Fix overstrict FAT checks stopping reading of (Vojtech Pavlik)
some devices like Nokia phones
o Fix misdetection of some drives as MRW capable (Peter Osterlund)
o Fix promise 20267 hang with very long I/O's (Krzysztof Chmielewski)
o Fix a case where serial break was not sent for (Paul Fulghum)
the right time.
o Fix S/390 specific SACF hole (Martin Schwidefsky)
o NVidia ACPI timer override (Andi Kleen)
o Correct VIA PT880 PCI ident (and AGP ident) (Dave Jones)
o Fix EDID/E820 corruption (Venkatesh Pallipadi)
o Tighten security on TIOCCONS (od@xxxxxxx)
o Fix incorrect __init s that could cause crash (Randy Dunlap)

o Fix minor DoS bug in visor USB driver (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Delkin cardbus IDE support (Mark Lord)
o Fix SMP hang with IDE unregister (Mark Lord)
o Fix proc file removal with IDE unregister (Mark Lord)
o Fix aic7xxx sleep with locks held and debug (Luben Tuikov)
o First take at HPT372N problem fixing (Alan Cox)

o Fix syncppp/async ppp problems with new hangup (Paul Fulghum)
o Fix broken parport_pc unload (Andrea Arcangeli)
o Security fix for smbfs leak/overrun (Urban Widmark)
o Stop i8xx_tco making some boxes reboot on load (wim@iguana)
o Fix cpia/module tools deadlock (Peter Pregler)
o Fix missing suid_dumpable export (Alan Cox)

o Fix invalid kernel version stupidity (Adrian Bunk)
o Compiler ICE workaround/fixup (Linus Torvalds)
o Fix network DoS bug in 2.6.9 (Herbert Xu)
| Suggested by Sami Farin
o Flash lights on panic as in 2.4 (Andi Kleen)


Security Fixes
o Set VM_IO on areas that are temporarily (Alan Cox)
marked PageReserved (Serious bug)
o Lock ide-proc against driver unload (Alan Cox)
(very low severity)

Bug Fixes
o Working IDE locking (Alan Cox)
| And a great deal of review by Bartlomiej
o Handle E7xxx boxes with USB legacy flaws (Alan Cox)

o Allow booting with "irqpoll" or "irqfixup" (Alan Cox)
on systems with broken IRQ tables.
o Support for setuid core dumping in some (Alan Cox)
environments (off by default)
o Support for drives that don't report geometry
o IT8212 support (raid and passthrough) (Alan Cox)
o Allow IDE to grab all unknown generic IDE (Alan Cox)
devices (boot with "all-generic-ide")
o Restore PWC driver (Luc Saillard)

o Small pending tty clean-up to moxa (Alan Cox)
o Put VIA Velocity (tm) adapters under gigabit (VIA)

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