Re: [PATCH] PNP support for i8042 driver

From: matthieu castet
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 18:12:19 EST

matthieu castet wrote:

I think you need to make an effort to make a PCI device use IRQ12
but the idea is that if you don't have a mouse attached (but you do
have i8042) and you are short on free interrupts and your HW can
use IRQ12 for some other stuff let it have it. That is the reqson why
i8042 requests IRQ only when corresponding port is open. No mouse -
IRQ is free.

And what happen if you use irq12 for an other stuff and you plug your mouse and try to use it. The motherboard hasn't desalocated the irq12 for mouse, so there will be a big conflict...

In that case a boot param solve the problem, it says you could
desactivate the resource in the bios/acpi for the mouse.
So even if a mouse is plug, the other driver shouldn't receive others interrupts (I don't know exactly what happen if for example irq12 is used for pci and mouse in acpi config and if there are other protection again that case...)


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