Xen VMM patch set - take 4

From: Ian Pratt
Date: Wed Dec 08 2004 - 02:34:04 EST

We've sync'ed up with the head of the Xen repository, and also brought
the patch up to 2.6.10-rc3

The patches are pretty much identical to the take 3 set, which people
seemed to be pretty happy with.

To get a working arch xen system you need the following set of

1. add ptep_establish_new to make va available
2. return code for arch_free_page
3. runtime disable of VT console
4. HAS_ARCH_DEV_MEM enables Xen to use own /dev/mem definition
5. split free_irq into teardown_irq
6. alloc_skb_from_cache (already accepted by Dave Miller)

The actual new architecture, arch xen, is too big to post to the list,
so here's a link:

Likewise for the virtual block, network, and console drivers:

Arch xen will be maintained by myself, Keir Fraser, Christian Limpach
and Steve hand.

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