Re: internal card reader support

From: Dave Jones
Date: Wed Dec 08 2004 - 13:25:08 EST

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 06:01:24PM +0000, Felix Dorner wrote:
> Hi,
> My notebook (hp nx9105) has an integrated 5in1 card-reader. I would
> really like to use this with linux.
> Since I do not think it is supported yet, I d like to know if it might
> be possible to write a module or so for this.
> I am just an average C programmer, but always wanted to dive into kernel
> developement. My knowledge on computer architecture is also no more than
> basic, so this might be something to really learn a lot...
> So I start at zero knowledge now. First of course I need to find out if
> what I want to do is possible at all.

All of these devices that I've seen use the usb-storage module.
You might need to futz with the scsi_mod module max_luns argument to make it
see all the slots though.


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