Re: [crash] 2.4.22 and Can't locate module char-major-30

From: Marcelo Tosatti
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 13:03:13 EST

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 09:01:09PM +0100, Blizbor wrote:
> I have defined "*.* /dev/pty/1" in the /etc/syslogd.conf and the last
> line I saw before crash was
> Dec 8 19:29:42 oracle-srv-03 modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module
> char-major-30

>From devices.txt:

30 char iBCS-2 compatibility devices
0 = /dev/socksys Socket access
1 = /dev/spx SVR3 local X interface
2 = /dev/inet/arp Network access
2 = /dev/inet/icmp Network access
2 = /dev/inet/ip Network access
2 = /dev/inet/udp Network access
2 = /dev/inet/tcp Network access

Additionally, iBCS-2 requires /dev/nfsd to be a link
to /dev/socksys, and /dev/X0R to be a link to

You probably have some application trying to access this device(s). Do you?

> Could these two things be related ?
> What can cause such a crash ?

It should not have nothing to do with the crash, did you get any oops or similar?

> I have RH 9 with custom compiled kernel and it was working about 300 days
> without any problems.
> I'm using e100, ide, ext3, jfs and oracle 9i on this machine.

Suggest you to upgrade to a newer kernel.
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