Re: dynamic-hz

From: Con Kolivas
Date: Sun Dec 12 2004 - 19:21:40 EST

Andrea Arcangeli writes:

On Mon, Dec 13, 2004 at 10:36:19AM +1100, Con Kolivas wrote:
The performance benefit, if any, is often lost in noise during benchmarks and when there, is less than 1%. So I was wondering if you had some specific advantage in mind for this patch? Is there some arch-specific advantage? I can certainly envision disadvantages to lower Hz.

My last number I've here is 1% for kernel compile. We're not talking
fancy desktop stuff here, we're talking about raw computing servers that
runs in userspace 99.9% of the time where the 1% loss is going to be
multiplied dozen or hundred of times. For those HZ=1000 is a pure
tangible disavantage.

For desktops 1% of cpu being lost is not an issue of course.

Thanks. I have to admit that the real reason I wrote this email was for this discussion to go on record so that desktop users would not get inappropriately excited by this change.


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