Re: HP Itanium?

From: David Mosberger-Tang
Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 00:26:43 EST

>>>>> On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 20:50:08 +0100, Larry McVoy <lm@xxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

Larry> Do any of you know of one of those deskside rx1600 HP itanium
Larry> boxes for sale? We need one for supporting Linux/IA64.

The rx1600 is not a deskside, it's a 1U rackmountable, up to 2-way
box. It's a nice box, but as 1U boxes go, noisy enough that you
wouldn't want it next to a desk.

Perhaps you're looking for the (now discontinued) zx2000 workstation?
You can find some here:

They start at $1499.

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