Re: [WISHLIST] IBM HD Shock detection in Linux

From: Sander
Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 04:13:14 EST

Niel Lambrechts wrote (ao):
> On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 23:06 +0100, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> > >The code apparently can display the horizon, but cannot prevent
> > >shocks :(
> >
> > How can something prevent a shock if it does not know before? What I
> > mean is that if I smack a harddrive, it can hardly evade it... nor
> > can it prevent me from smacking it.
> It can only prevent shocks when it detects tilts... like when the
> laptop shakes in a moving vehicle for example..

Of course it can't prevent shocks :-)

It can try to minimalize the impact of a shock though.

I am a happy owner of a X40. Just got it, so it still runs XP. The
software parks the heads of the disk if it detects movement. It is very
sensitive and quick so I believe it can protect the harddisk if the
notebook gets dropped during use.

In a car the software adapts to the usual bumps so the notebook is still
useful :-)

The windows software shows a picture of the notebook in 3D which tilts
if you tilt the actual notebook. Neat :-)
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