Re: cifs large write performance improvements to Samba

From: Steve French
Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 15:23:30 EST

cliff white wrote:

On Mon, 13 Dec 2004 10:56:45 -0600
Steve French <smfrench@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If only someone could roll all of the key fs tests into a set of scripts which could generate one regularly updated set of test status chart ... one for each of XFS, JFS, ext3, Reiser3, CIFS (against various servers, Samba version etc), NFSv2, NFSv3, NFSv4 (against various servers), AFS but that would be a lot of work (not to run) but the first time writing/setup of the scripts to launch the tests in the right order since some failures may be expected (at least for the network filesystems) due to hard to implement features (missing fcntls, dnotify, get/setlease, differences in byte range lock semantics, lack of flock etc.) and also since the most sensible NFS, AFS and CIFS tests would involve more than one client (to test caching/oplock/token management semantics better) but no such fs tests AFAIK exist for Linux.

We ( OSDL ) would be very interested in this sort of testing. We have some fs tests
wrappered currently

The other thing I forgot to mention ... we used to have a concept of "performance regression testing" (to make sure that we had not gotten a lot slower on the latest rc) - not just runs on every release candidate of a few complex benchmark tests (like SpecWeb or Netbench or some enterprise Java perf test) but the idea was to run on every rc an fs microbenchmark (more like iozone) to ensure that we did not have some small functional problem in an fs or mm subsystem was causing big, noticeable degradation in performance (large read or small read or large write or small write, random or sequential etc.). I have not seen anyone doing that on Linux in an automated fashion (e.g running iozone automated every time a new 2.6.x.rc on a half a dozen of the fs - simply to verify that things had not gotten drastically worse on a particular fs due to a bug or sideffect of a global VFS change).

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