re: Re: [patch] scsi/libata: correct bug for ULi M5281

From: Clear . Zhang
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 01:40:23 EST

Hi Jeff,

I've correct the patch according to your suggestion.
But we need libata-core.c to export some functions.
Here is the patch. Please check it and apply it to new kernels.
Thanks a lot.

Clear (See attached file: patch_ULi_M5281)

Jeff Garzik
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主题: Re: [patch] scsi/libata: correct bug for ULi M5281

Clear.Zhang@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi, Jeff
> The sata_uli patch for m5281 looks fine,but some of M5281 chip's PHY
> is not stable sometime, so it need a workaround to correct the bug.
> patch_M5281workaround is just for it.
> The patch is applied to kernel 2.6.9. Pleases apply to new kernels,
> a lot.
> Signed-off-by: Clear Zhang <Clear.Zhang@xxxxxxxxxx>

I'm afraid I must reject this patch. We do not wish to put
hardware-specific workarounds in libata-core.c or libata-scsi.c.

I would suggest either
(a) finding a way to add the workaround to sata_uli.c, or
(b) finding the "root cause" of the problem, and determine why the
libata code is insufficient.

Two suggestions I have while investigating your problem:
1) Replacing the ->phy_reset() hook may allow you to solve the problem
in sata_uli.c.
2) It is entirely possible that we need to add additional error handling
code to libata, including hooks back into the low-level driver (such as



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