Re: dynamic-hz

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 13:52:01 EST


> The timeout of (0) was really to make the code more obvious, the
> facts being that we really need to get the CPU back as soon as
> there are no higher-priority tasks computable. If yield() would
> work like schedule(0), of course I'd use it. The major problem
> with yield() probably has to do with accounting. The machine
> "feels" as though the CPU is properly available when you need
> it, however it appears to be spinning, using 100% system time.
> This makes customers nervous.

Well, machine that showed as "idle" yet had cpu running at full speed
would make *me* nervous...
People were complaining that M$ turns users into beta-testers...
...jr ghea gurz vagb qrirybcref, naq gurl frrz gb yvxr vg gung jnl!
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