3TB disk hassles

From: Neil Conway
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 09:58:40 EST


After much banging of heads on walls, I am throwing in the towel and
asking the experts ;-) ... To cut a long story short:

Is it possible to make a 3TB disk work properly in Linux?

Our "disk" is 12x300GB in RAID5 (with 1 hot-spare) on a 3ware 9500-S12,
so it's actually 2.7TiB ish. It's also /dev/sda - i.e., the one and
only disk in the system.

Problems are arising due to the 32-bit-ness of normal partition tables.
I can use parted to make a 2.7TB partition (sda4), and
/proc/partitions looks fine until a reboot, whereupon the top bits are
lost and the big partition looks like a 700GB partition instead of a
2.7TB one; this is a bad thing ;-)

I've had my hopes raised by GPT, but after more reading it appears this
doesn't work on vanilla x86 PCs.

Tips gratefully received.


PS: not on-list; I'll be reading the real-time archivers, but CCs of
any replies would be appreciated.

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