Re: 3TB disk hassles

From: Michelle Konzack
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 10:34:11 EST

Am 2004-12-16 14:52:29, schrieb Neil Conway:
> Howdy...

> Is it possible to make a 3TB disk work properly in Linux?

Ask 3Ware for it

> Our "disk" is 12x300GB in RAID5 (with 1 hot-spare) on a 3ware 9500-S12,
> so it's actually 2.7TiB ish. It's also /dev/sda - i.e., the one and
> only disk in the system.

I the discription of my 12-Channel Controller (not a 95xx) here
is written, that you can have only 8 HDD's in a Raid-5 Array...

This is a limitation by the Hardware and I had to split the Array
in 2 x 6 HDD's.

> Tips gratefully received.
> Neil


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