Re: 3TB disk hassles

From: Tomas Carnecky
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 12:19:01 EST

Neil Conway wrote:
> Right now, the only scheme I have vaguely concocted in my head that
will make this work for us is to add another disk to become the boot
disk - this is actually a major PITA cos there's really no physical
space in the chassis - and then use a GPT/EFI (whatever?) partition
table on the big disk. This means that BIOS won't understand the big
disk at all but that'll be OK since it isn't trying to boot from it.

Anyone with a magic tip for how to do this is welcome to tell us all

I had a GUID partition table (GPT) on my system (x86, normal mainboard/BIOS etc) and it worked fine. I didn't need a separate boot disk. I used grub as the boot loader. I think if you enable GPT in the kernel you should be able to boot stright from the big disk.

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