Re: Data Corruption when both ports of SiI3112 used

From: Prakash K. Cheemplavam
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 12:31:54 EST

Prakash K. Cheemplavam schrieb:
I get some tiny but nevertheless destastrous errors in following situation. (And no, Jeff, my cables are alright. ;-)

SiI3112A chip on nforce2 board.
Samsung 160 GB PATA drive on first connector via PATA->SATA convertor
Samsung 80 GB SATA drive on second connector

I copy two ~200MB big tgz archive from sdb to sda. I remount partition on sda and test files for integrity. Usually at least one of those fails. (The more files I copy the more files differ in tiny places.

I haven't tried on my box yet, but another guy did it and he could reproduce this, and also fix it: It seems to be nforce2 specific issue. In bios you have the option ext-p2p. though bios states that 30us will prevent data corruption on si3112, it is not true. It seems that is must be set to 1ms.

Is it possible to do this in linux kernel just for safety? I think this is rather crucial...


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