Re: 3TB disk hassles

From: Tomas Carnecky
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 13:04:21 EST

Neil Conway wrote:
Hi Tom...

--- Tomas Carnecky <tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I had a GUID partition table (GPT) on my system (x86, normal mainboard/BIOS etc) and it worked fine. I didn't need a separate boot
disk. I used grub as the boot loader. I think if you enable GPT in
the kernel you should be able to boot stright from the big disk.

Wow, that's unexpected but encouraging news. What distro? Did it
allow you to go GPT right from the off, or did you have to migrate from
an MSDOS ptbl to a GPT one after installation?

It was gentoo, and I even think I installed it right onto the GPT disk, so no migration. But I'm not sure. You just have to look that your kernel supports GPT. I don't know if the kernel from the gentoo livecd supports GPT.

Also have a look here how to create GPT partitions:
I think I did it like it's shown there, mklabel, mkpart and mount them.
I don't think I migrated from MSDOS to GPT, because I don't even know how it'is possible if you have only one disk with the system on it.

While looking for gentoo GPT support, I found this:
Looks like CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION is enabled by default now on the newer kernels.

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