Linux 2.6.9-ac16

From: Alan Cox
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 14:49:19 EST

Further small fixes for different minor things. A merge of some of the small
cleanups from Fedora work and also the fixes for the igmp and vc holes.

Arjan van de Ven is now building RPMS of the kernel and those can be found
in the RPM subdirectory and should be yum-able. Expect the RPMS to lag the
diff a little as the RPM builds and tests do take time.

The HPT366 rework project is also not ready (its gone back to the drawing
board until the current panic is over if you are a volunteer and wondered
what is up).

Key: o - only in -ac
* - already fixed upstream
X - discarded later as wrong
+ - ac specific (fix not relevant to non -ac)

o Fix sys5 semaphore wakeups (Manfred Spraul)
* Avoid maths overflow on VC resize (Georgi Guninski,
Linus Torvalds)
* Add D-Link DGE-528T to the r8169 PCI idents (Francois Romieu)
* Fix cciss ioctl problems (Mike Miller)
* Fix wrong IRQ problems with DAC960 (Bjorn Helgaas)
* Minor typo fix in cdrom driver (efalk@google)
* Add 3PARdata SCSI idents for sparse lun (Castor Fu)
o Fix Paul Laufer's email address (Paul Laufer)
* More ATI IDE PCI identifiers (Enrico Scholza)
* Fix some /proc oopses (Manfred Spraul)
o Fix build of CS461x gameport (Adrian Bunk)
* Get CAPI isdn back working on SMP (Karsten Keil)
o Fix AT2701FX AMD PCnet32 on fibre (Guido Guenther)
* Fix igmp source filter counting/corruption (Chris Wright)
* Fix missing SHM_LOCK priviledge checks (Hugh Dickins)
* Clear %ebp on sysenter based syscall exit (Brad Spender)
o Suggest irqpoll when we get screaming irqs (Alan Cox)
o Fix misleading microcode message (Arjan van de Ven)
o Don't warn on scsi ioctl kmalloc fail (Arjan van de Ven)
o Acenic must use __devinitdata for hotplug (Alan Cox)
| based on an RH patch
o Add a 1620 byte slab cache for ethernet frames (Arjan van de Ven)
o Fix 64bit build of kconfig (Arjan van de Ven)
o Add more AC97 table data

o Kill "open failed" cdrom message. (Alan Cox)
| This is a natural event from code poking around
| doing CD detection etc
o Fix crash with aacraid double complete (Mark Salyzyn, Tom Coughlan,
Alan Cox)
* Fix oops after unload ip_conntrack_standalone
o Allow cross compile of x86_32 kernel on x86_64 (Arjan van de Ven)
* Fix a small leak in the ip option code (Dave Miller)
* Fix a small leak in ip_conntrack_ftp (Dave Miller)
* Fix control message validation (Herbert Xu, Georgi Guninski)
* Backported key xfrm patches (Patrick McHardy, Dave Miller,
Herbert Xu)
* Backport vm OOM fix (Marcelo Tosatti)
o Make sx8 naming follow LANANA (Jeremy Katz)
o Fix getblk_slow hang (Chris Mason)
o Watchdog support for early cobalt ALi hardware (Mike Waychison)
o Fix cable detect on older promise (Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz)
o Fix vm86 irq handling (Pavel Pisa)

o Use LBA28 if a drive does LBA48 but rejects (Alan Cox)
SET_MAX_EXT and friends (Maxtor 4R120L4 ..)
* Make sure md uses rdev_dec properly (Neil Brown)
* Remove bogus WARN from futex v signal (Rusty Russell)
* Fix via-rhine crash on resume (Randy Dunlap)
* Fix x86+64 IRQ loss bug on uniprocessor (Petr Vandrovec)
* Don't print undefined sibling data on em64t (Venkatesh Pallipadi)
* Further overlapping vma/exec fixes for 64bit (Zou Nan hai)
* Re-enable escaped ACPI debug (Len Brown)
* SELinux hook for ia32 emulation fd pass check (Mitchell Blank Jr)
* Fix DECnet oops in accept (Patrick Caulfield)
* Fix cciss oops with config tools (Andrew Patterson)
* io_edgeport oops fix (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Fix leak in bio_copy error path (Jens Axboe)
o Fix buffer sizes on ia32 emulation for x86_64 (Jeremy Fitzhardinge,
Chris Wright)
o Initial patch for ide_abort hang (Alan Cox)
o Fix serveral ide timing violations on reset (Alan Cox)
+ Fix dumb bug in ALi/ULi driver (Alan Cox)
+ Fix /proc/ide/*/capacity bug (Alan Cox)
o Support CSB6-R Serverworks raid (Alan Cox)
o Teach ide-cd to use sense data for file system (Alan Cox)
- This means you get better diagonstics on CD errors
- It means a partial I/O failure will get you back the ok sectors
- It may fix the problem some users have with ISO copying and ide-cd

Accidentally released 2.6.9-ac12 as this

o Configurable 100/1Khz clock for x86 (James Bottomley)
| 100Hz is great for battery life
o Fixup subordinate bus plumbing for boxes like
the HP zv5000z (somewhat experimental)
+ Fix ACPI=n build (Chuck Ehbert)
o EDD boot options (Matt Domsch)
* Fix proc reporting of ppid (Dinakar Guniguntula)
| Backport c/o Ingo
o Improved smbfs fixes (Chuck Ebhert)
o Fix reset problems with older 3c59x/3c90x (John Linville)
o Fix oops if aic79xx is loaded with no hardware (Adam Manthei)
o Token ring locking fix
* Fix smc9192 (Russell King)
* Refcount scsi command queue properly (James Bottomley)
* Fix CD-ROM returns from new TUR code (James Bottomley)
* Fix scribble after close on Nvidia ethernet (Manfred Spraul)
* Fix queuecommand() behaviour for USB disk (Alan Stern)
after unplug
* Fix xtime adjustment error that could cause (Andrew Morton)
clock slew
* Fix IPv6 fragmentation problems (Herbert Xu)
* Fix mm ref leak in proc/cmdline (Prasanna Meda)
* Fix a tiny race in the timer code (Ben Herrenschmidt)
* Fix crash if security_load_policy fails (Jeff Mahoney)
* Fix scsi queue return error in ide-scsi (Jens Axboe)
and 3w-9xxx
* Avoid overflow in sg timeouts with large user (James Bottomley)
provided timeout
* Fix statm accounting (Hugh Dickins)
| Backported by Jason Baron
* Fix mlock v VM_IO hang (Hugh Dickins)
* Fix Intel i8x0 PCM audio with ALSA (Takashi Iwai)
* Fix further visor fix problems (Roger Luethi)
o New ATI IXP PCI identifier (Pascal Lengard)
o Fix URL for lanana (Alexander Stohr)
* Fix via_irqpic to not be __devinit (Andi Kleen)
* PPP multilink fixes (Paul Mackerras)
* Backport OSS emulation fixes (Marcel Sebek)

o Allow users to force it8212 out of raid mode (David Howells)
o On some platforms the flashing keylights (Alan Cox)
riggers bogus keyboard warnings. The error
appears from other stuff too like keyboard
switches so kill it
o Add support for ALi 5228 PATA IDE (Clear Zhang)
o Add support for newer ALi AGP (Clear Zhang)
* Seqpacket and SELinux fix (James Morris)
o Fix ide /proc and legacy devices problem (Alan Cox)

o Fix tiny ide-cd race (Alan Cox)
* Remove an apparently bogus IDE CD blacklist (Srihari Vijayaraghavan)
for a drive confirmed to work
o Correct vendor of some Cyrix chipsets in docs
* Error path locking fix for appletalk (Andries Brouwer)
* Remove a suspicious __initdata (Andries Brouwer)
* Further binfmt_elf work (Jakub Jelinek)
o SMBfs overflow fixes (Stefan Esser)
| Collated together by Juan Quintela
* Don't spew debug on bioses with ACPI (Len Brown)
breakpoints left in them.
* Further NFS disconnected dentry fix (Neil Brown)
* tmpfs inode accounting leak fix (Hugh Dickins)
* x86-64: Fix user triggerable oops on debugger (Andi Kleen)
vsyscall page access
* Serialize datagram read on AF_UNIX (Dave Miller)
* Disable PnP BIOS when using ACPI (Adam Belay)
* Fix oops in visor driver caused by DoS fixes (Roger Luethi)
o Fix several IDE drivers that assumed > 0 was (Alan Cox)
also an error return for pci probe functions
* Backport netlink updates/fixes from 10rc2 (Herbert Xu,
Dave Miller)
* Backport multihop routing oops fix (Christian Ehrhardt)
* Backport TSO fixes (Herbert Xu)

* Linus moved the remap_page_range flag fixes (Linus Torvalds)
into the function. Now this has had some
testing do the same in -ac and shrink the
diff a lot
* Fix low memory oops in device mapper (N Cunningham)
* Fix duplicate kfree in dm-target error path (Alasdair Kergon)
* Use a new bio on a md retry (Neil Brown)
+ Fix mediabay compile (Alan Cox)
* Increase EDD array size (Matt Domsch)
* Fix locking error/DoS in k15kusb105 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Fix locking hang on error path of whiteheat (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Use sector_t for md (fixes some large raids) (Neil Brown)
* Fix further USB locking errors (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Report the right thing on a pnpbios fault (Andy Whitcroft)
* Add PCI quirk for VIA audio (David Shaohua Li)
* Fix neighbour table counter atomicity (Herbert Xu)
* Error out on early exec before rootfs (Chris Wright)
* Fix a.out crash with junk binary and (Chris Wright)
virtual memory limits disabled
* Import atomic_int_return for the neighbour fix (KaiKai Kohei)

* Fix binfmt_exec partial read problem (Chris Wright)
* Fix E820 overflow on x86-64 as per x86-32 (Andi Kleen)

o Redo the fixups in siimage/it8212 so they (Alan Cox)
always actually work
o Fix up both drives on an IT8212 raid (Alan Cox)
* Remove a debug printk/2 sec wait from CS5520 (Alan Cox)
* Move partial decode test to ide-cs/delkin only (Alan Cox)
* Fix partial decode test for no serial number (Alan Cox)
o Add support for disks on early rev IT821x (Alan Cox)
+ Allow ide-disk to be modular again (Tomas Szepe)
* Further fixup fixes (Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz)
* Apple Ipod-mini size reporting fix (Avi Kivity)
* Initial (non SMP) cdu31a driver rescue (Ondrej Zary)
o Allow READ_BUFFER_CAPACITY to SG_IO users (Daniel Drake)

+ Fix problem with -ac5 msdos changes (Vojtech Pavlik)

o Fix oops in and enable IT8212 driver (Alan Cox)
o Minor delkin driver fix (Mark Lord)
* Fix NFS mount hangs with long FQDN (Jan Kasprzak)
| I've used this version as its clearly correct for 2.6.9
| although it might not be the right future solution
o Fix overstrict FAT checks stopping reading of (Vojtech Pavlik)
some devices like Nokia phones
* Fix misdetection of some drives as MRW capable (Peter Osterlund)
* Fix promise 20267 hang with very long I/O's (Krzysztof Chmielewski)
* Fix a case where serial break was not sent for (Paul Fulghum)
the right time.
* Fix S/390 specific SACF hole (Martin Schwidefsky)
* NVidia ACPI timer override (Andi Kleen)
o Correct VIA PT880 PCI ident (and AGP ident) (Dave Jones)
* Fix EDID/E820 corruption (Venkatesh Pallipadi)
* Tighten security on TIOCCONS (od@xxxxxxx)
* Fix incorrect __init s that could cause crash (Randy Dunlap)

* Fix minor DoS bug in visor USB driver (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Delkin cardbus IDE support (Mark Lord)
+ Fix SMP hang with IDE unregister (Mark Lord)
* Fix proc file removal with IDE unregister (Mark Lord)
* Fix aic7xxx sleep with locks held and debug (Luben Tuikov)
o First take at HPT372N problem fixing (Alan Cox)

* Fix syncppp/async ppp problems with new hangup (Paul Fulghum)
* Fix broken parport_pc unload (Andrea Arcangeli)
* Security fix for smbfs leak/overrun (Urban Widmark)
* Stop i8xx_tco making some boxes reboot on load (wim@iguana)
* Fix cpia/module tools deadlock (Peter Pregler)
+ Fix missing suid_dumpable export (Alan Cox)

+ Fix invalid kernel version stupidity (Adrian Bunk)
* Compiler ICE workaround/fixup (Linus Torvalds)
* Fix network DoS bug in 2.6.9 (Herbert Xu)
| Suggested by Sami Farin
o Flash lights on panic as in 2.4 (Andi Kleen)


Security Fixes
* Set VM_IO on areas that are temporarily (Alan Cox)
marked PageReserved (Serious bug)
o Lock ide-proc against driver unload (Alan Cox)
(very low severity)

Bug Fixes
o Working IDE locking (Alan Cox)
| And a great deal of review by Bartlomiej
o Handle E7xxx boxes with USB legacy flaws (Alan Cox)

o Allow booting with "irqpoll" or "irqfixup" (Alan Cox)
on systems with broken IRQ tables.
o Support for setuid core dumping in some (Alan Cox)
environments (off by default)
* Support for drives that don't report geometry
o IT8212 support (raid and passthrough) (Alan Cox)
o Allow IDE to grab all unknown generic IDE (Alan Cox)
devices (boot with "all-generic-ide")
o Restore PWC driver (Luc Saillard)

* Small pending tty clean-up to moxa (Alan Cox)
* Put VIA Velocity (tm) adapters under gigabit (VIA)

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