Re: 2.6 flavours

From: Alan Cox
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 16:03:58 EST

On Iau, 2004-12-16 at 20:37, Jurriaan wrote:
> I've understood the 2.6.x-ac kernels started with some ide work, then
> included some serial fixes, and may or may not have other bug fixes.
> >From what I read, they are not as all-including as the 2.4.x-ac kernels
> were. Those I recognize most in the 2.6.x-mm kernels.

2.6.x-mm is more like some of the work the old 2.4-ac did in merging new
stuff (its also worth noting that 2.4-ac ended up more stable than 2.4
at times so -mm might be stable)

The -ac tree is trying to be fairly conservative. When I merge stuff
that is a little less conservative because it has to be done then I've
tried to put a note in the relnotes for that release warning people its
more testing grade.

> Whatever you think best, of course. That may be the release where Alan
> says 'Here's the new, experimental next-generation SATA code. It'll
> probably break every partition you have. Send me bug-reports' :-)

That would be Jeff 8)

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