Re: Linux 2.6.10-rc2 start_udev very slow

From: Andrew Walrond
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 16:23:41 EST

On Thursday 16 Dec 2004 21:11, Greg KH wrote:
> Then I don't really know what to recommend. As the udev startup logic
> is very tightly tied to how the distro is set up, I recommend using
> whatever they do, and ignore what I say :)

They is me; My distro is Rubyx :)

> > So I guess I need to migrate this functionality to my init system before
> > I can call udevstart directly.
> I'd suggest just leaving it alone.

Where's the fun in that?

> > Is that list of 'extra nodes not exported by sysfs likely to change?'
> What does that list contain?

make_extra_nodes () {
# there are a few things that sysfs does not export for us.
# these things go here (and remember to remove them in
# remove_extra_nodes()
# Thanks to Gentoo for the initial list of these.
ln -snf /proc/self/fd $udev_root/fd
ln -snf /proc/self/fd/0 $udev_root/stdin
ln -snf /proc/self/fd/1 $udev_root/stdout
ln -snf /proc/self/fd/2 $udev_root/stderr
ln -snf /proc/kcore $udev_root/core

mkdir $udev_root/pts
mkdir $udev_root/shm

Andrew Walrond
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