Re: [PATCH] moxa: Update status of Moxa Smartio driver

From: Alan Cox
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 19:07:05 EST

On Sul, 2004-12-12 at 13:00, james4765@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> After contacting Moxa, I found out that they no longer maintain the in-kernel
> driver, and instead maintain an updated driver as an external patch.

> +
> +
> +that works with 2.6 kernels. Currently, Moxa has no plans to have their updated
> +driver merged into the kernel.

Works with 2.6 kernels up to 2.6.8 and providing its a 32bit machine and
you don't use some try and send a break.

Actually if you filter all the 2.2/2.4 ifdefs out of it and clean up the
formatting a bit its not a badly written driver and its GPL. I've
forward ported/fixed a cleaned up 2.6.9 version and dropped it into -ac
(on the grounds the existing one doesn't work at all so this is

Someone with some PCI moxa cards as opposed to ISA needs to add hotplug
support to it so that it uses pci_register foo rather than scanning the
bus old style.

Once we have something stable I can test with I'll tweak it for the
2.6.10 changes and submit it to the main tree.


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