Re: automated filesystem testing for multiple Linux fs

From: Michael Clark
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 21:24:37 EST

Steve French wrote:

Michael Clark wrote:

Steve French wrote:

... Since
at present only XFS and JFS have the full combination of server
features: better quotas, DMAPI, xattr support, ACL support and
nanosecond file timestamps on disk

Does JFS have quota support now?

Last I looked it was still on the To Do list.


I remember them adding it four months ago or so. Looking at
it seems to be mostly in changeset 1.1803.133.1

Oh, that's good news. This was one reason you couldn't really consider using JFS on a /home fileserver (which sort of implies quotas). It perhaps it needs a lot of testing as it's quite new. Any experiences? (ie. survives a highly parallel load from a lot of threads with different uids).

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