ELSA 0.4 Released

From: Guillaume Thouvenin
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 10:04:05 EST


ELSA is an Enhanced Linux System Accounting. We propose a solution
for managing groups of processes without kernel modifications. We
provide a per-job accounting instead of the classical per-process
accounting. Work can be split into the following parts :

1. A LSM hook
2. A kernel module
3. A user space daemon
4. Per-process accounting informations (external like
5. A user space application


In this version we add support for several job for a given process.
Until now, a process only belongs to one given job. This is too
restrictive. For example, if you want to do accounting for all ssh
sessions, you add the main ssh daemon in a job and like that, all
connections are added and accounting can be done. The problem occurs if
you also want to do accounting inside a session. As the session's pid is
already in a job, you can not add it in another job. ELSA 0.4 removes
this major problem.

We also submit the fork historic module for reviewing. We hope to
integrate it into the -mm tree.

All informations to download and install ELSA 0.4 are available on
the ELSA website


Every comments, feedbacks and suggestions are welcome,
Best regards,

The ELSA Team.

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