Re: file as a directory

From: Hans Reiser
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 11:58:26 EST

David Masover wrote:

Hans Reiser wrote:
| David Masover wrote:
|> Speaking of which, how much speed is lost by starting up a process?
|> The idea of caching is that running
|> cat *; cat *; cat *; cat *; cat *
|> is probably slower than
|> cat * > baz; cat baz; cat baz; cat baz; cat baz; cat baz
| Only for small files where the per file overhead of a read is significant.

That's potentially a common problem, and "cat *" is an overly-simplified
example. Either you force the "plugin" to say whether it wants to be
cached or not, or you cache everything, because there are going to be
plugins like "tar -xjp" for which caching is a HUGE increase.

Ok, I accept the argument.
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