Re: [RFC] Reimplementation of linux dynamic percpu memory allocator

From: Manfred Spraul
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 17:32:51 EST

Hi kiran,

+ * + * Originally by Dipankar Sarma and Ravikiran Thirumalai,
+ * This reimplements alloc_percpu to make it + * 1. Independent of slab/kmalloc

Probably the right approach. slab should use per-cpu for it's internal head arrays, but I've never converted the slab code due to chicken-and-egg problems and due to the additional pointer dereference.

+ * Allocator is slow -- expected to be called during module/subsytem
+ * init. alloc_percpu can block.

How slow is slow?
I think the block subsystem uses alloc_percpu for some statistics counters, i.e. one alloc during creation of a new disk. The slab implementation was really slow and that caused problems with LVM (or something like that) stress tests.

+ /* Map pages for each cpu by splitting vm_struct for each cpu */
+ for (i = 0; i < NR_CPUS; i++) {
+ if (cpu_possible(i)) {
+ tmppage = &blkp->pages[i*cpu_pages];
+ tmp.addr = area->addr + i * PCPU_BLKSIZE;
+ /* map_vm_area assumes a guard page of size PAGE_SIZE */
+ tmp.size = PCPU_BLKSIZE + PAGE_SIZE; + if (map_vm_area(&tmp, PAGE_KERNEL, &tmppage))
+ goto fail_map;

That means no large pte entries for the per-cpu allocations, right?
I think that's a bad idea for non-numa systems. What about a fallback to simple getfreepages() for non-numa systems?

+ * This allocator is slow as we assume allocs to come
+ * by during boot/module init.
+ * Should not be called from interrupt context

"Must not" - it contains down() and thus can sleep.


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