Re: file as a directory

From: Horst von Brand
Date: Sat Dec 18 2004 - 09:29:08 EST

Hans Reiser <reiser@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:
> David Masover wrote:
> > Hans Reiser wrote:
> > [...]
> > | My solution is to tell Nate Diller that there is extensive literature on
> > | it, that it isn't really the big problem it is made out to be, and leave
> > | it to him to go read the literature and code it up after he finishes the
> > | required tasks of our current darpa contract.;-)

> > Can you point me to any such literature? I'm just curious.

> Look in every field of cs except filesystems and kernels.;-)

Right. Smart people are found elsewhere only.

> Databases,
> garbage collectors, etc.

Everthing stuff that works on the assumption that what they are working on
fits in RAM (or can overflow into swap space in a pinch), and that RAM is
fast (and even so they are infuriatingly slow). And disks are usually a few
thousand times larger than RAM (more stuff to shuffle around) and a million
times slower...

> Specific reference, no, I didn't collect them,
> sorry, but alexander the befs driver guy knows more than I about this.

Furious handwaving doesn't make it true.
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