Re: Linux 2.6.9-ac16

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Sat Dec 18 2004 - 10:08:54 EST

>> Andrea's fix and the selection changes should go into 2.6.10, but I
>> suspect that the VM gurus havent still reached a point, where they
>> agree. I also have the feeling that the problem is partially ignored.
>> Obviously has everybody plenty of memory in his boxes. </rant off>

Well you can always take out your VMware and cut it down to <few RAM> MB by
hand, just to get an experience how "low-end" users feel.

> As someone who runs most new versions first on a 96MB (slow) machine, I would
> agree that this is a desirable change. I'm not sure yet if the selection is
> optimal, but it's better than the stock kernel, which seems to follow the "kill
> them all, let god sort it out" principle.

Jan Engelhardt
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