Re: Re[2]: do_IRQ: stack overflow: 872..

From: Bart De Schuymer
Date: Sat Dec 18 2004 - 11:44:49 EST

Op za, 18-12-2004 te 19:07 +0300, schreef Crazy AMD K7:
> > Note to the original poster: when you report a bug with a patched
> > kernel always mention it.
> I have mentioned earlier and Bart knows it.
> I use 2.4.28
> + ebtables-brnf-8_vs_2.4.28.diff
> + U32 patch from patch-o-matic-ng-20040621.tar.bz2
> + patch for br_netfilter.c made by Bart to find out why kernel panic happens(it was a few
> letters ago)
> All patches has applies cleanly.
> U32 doesn't affect on br_netfilter.c

Sorry, I don't know the ip_queue mechanism and I don't know what could
possibly go wrong.
All we know is that you no longer have kernel panics with the simple
patch I gave you (which just drops packets when a kernel panic would
happen otherwise, and tells about this with a printk). However, you
state there are no entries in your syslog that tell about this dropping.
Is your syslog working right? Do you have a console open on which kernel
messages get printed?

I still secretly suspect the snort code of inserting packets back into
the kernel that don't have an output device (I don't know if that's
possible, though).


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