2.6.10-rc3-mm1: swsusp

From: Rafael J. Wysocki
Date: Sat Dec 18 2004 - 12:50:27 EST


I must say I'm really impressed with the progress that swsusp made since I
tried it last time (close to 2.6.10-rc1 as I recall). Now I've been using it
for a couple of days on 2.6.10-rc3-mm1 and It's never refused to suspend the
machine because of the lack of (contiguous) memory which happened very often
before, and it seems to be much faster. Using it my notebook has reached
more that 1 day of uptime recently, wich was practically impossible
previously. It's a great job and vast improvement for which I thank you very

Still, unfortunately, today it crashed on suspend and I wasn't able to get any
useful information related to the crash, because swsusp apparently does not
send some of its messages to the serial console. In particular, anything
from within the critical section is not printed there and that's why I think
(I'm not sure though) that the crash occured in the critical section. Could
you tell me please if it's possible to make all of the swsusp messages appear
on the serial console and, if so, how to do this (I've already tried "dmesg
-n 8" and "echo 9 > /proc/sysrq-trigger" but none of them helps)?


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