SWSUSP in 2.6.9 and 2.6.9-ac16 screws up the swap

From: Todor Todorov
Date: Sat Dec 18 2004 - 15:55:24 EST


I have a Toshiba Satelite M30X laptop for which suspend-to-disk is reported to work. I tested with kernel 2.6.9 vanilla and -ac16 and suspending seemed to work ok, at least the computer shut down. On resuming I appended "resume=/dev/hda3" (my swap partition) to the boot options but saw no message about resuming form suspend image ot anything, it seems to be a normal boot. Later on when adding swap I got the error "Unable to find swap-space signature", `cat /proc/swaps` didn't show anything. I had to recreate the swap.

Could anyone please look into this? I would provide any additional information requested. Please Cc: me when you answer. Thanks in advance.


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