[PATCH][v4][22/24] Document InfiniBand ioctl use

From: Roland Dreier
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 02:44:58 EST

Add the 0x1b ioctl magic number used by ib_umad module to

Signed-off-by: Roland Dreier <roland@xxxxxxxxxxx>

--- linux-bk.orig/Documentation/ioctl-number.txt 2004-12-19 21:09:51.000000000 -0800
+++ linux-bk/Documentation/ioctl-number.txt 2004-12-19 22:04:19.307853857 -0800
@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@
0x09 all linux/md.h
0x12 all linux/fs.h
+0x1b all InfiniBand Subsystem <http://www.openib.org/>
0x20 all drivers/cdrom/cm206.h
0x22 all scsi/sg.h
'#' 00-3F IEEE 1394 Subsystem Block for the entire subsystem

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