Re: Linux 2.6.9-ac16

From: Chris Ross
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 11:20:38 EST

Alan Cox escreveu:
Or boot with mem=. I actually do test runs with -ac on a 128Mb box with
about 16Mb of that stolen as video ram. 2.6.9 isn't behaving perfectly
but seems reasonably ok for most loads except brokenoffice

What sort of reasonably OK? My experience on my 64MB P2-350 Dell Optiplex is that 2.6.9-acXX will kill things off at random even when the machine isn't out of memory. If you have any particular test cases you would like run just ask, I understand that some of the difficulty is that the VM developers have machines plenty big enough not to suffer the problems.

The embedded market is different, we're not likely to see multi-gigabyte mobile phones, PDAs, PVRs or whatever for a while at least. 64MB is not *that* small.

Chris R.
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